Dyslexia tutoring: Student Results Case 5
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Case 5, Girl, 13 years 0 months, tutored 1 year 9 months

  test age at assessment test age at reassessment
Auditory memory approx. 5.11 years 10.0 years
Vocabulary (WISC-III) 9.10 years 11.2 years
Reading accuracy 7.11 years 8.0 years
Reading comprehension 6.9 years 9.8 years
Spelling age 8.6 years 10.3 years
Mental arithmetic (WISC-III) 9.2 years 10.6 years

Ratio gains

Auditory memory = 2.33; vocabulary = 0.77; reading accuracy = 0.1; reading comprehension = 1.67; spelling = 0.62; mental arithmetic = 0.77

Reassessment summary by psychologist

“She has improved in all areas tested. [She] has made the most progress in her listening accuracy, i.e., from a 5.11 year level to a 10.0 year level in approximately 20 months. Her numeracy skills and spelling skills are quite good, although not yet commensurate with her chronological age. Her spelling has improved remarkably and most of her errors would be readable in context. [Her] mother reports that the most pleasing progress has been in the amazing difference in [her]: life has changed dramatically for her."

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