Dyslexia tutoring: Student Results Case 2
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Case 2, Boy, 11 years 0 months, tutored 2 years

  test age at assessment test age at reassessment
Auditory memory 12.4 years 17.4 years (over ceiling of test)
Vocabulary (WISC-III) 11.6 years 13.2 years
Basic Reading not tested 10.0 years
Reading accuracy 7.4 years 9.4 years
Reading comprehension 8.5 years 10.4 years
Spelling age 7.4 years 11.3 years
Numerical operations 10.0 years 11.9 years

Ratio gains

Auditory memory = 2.5; vocabulary = 0.84; reading accuracy = 1.0; reading comprehension = 0.96; spelling = 1.96; numerical operations = 0.88

Reassessment summary by psychologist

“[He] has made exceptionally good progress in spelling.  His spelling has improved approximately four years over the last two years and his spelling accuracy is now at a level commensurate with his chronological age.  His numeracy skills also test at a level commensurate with his chronological age.  He continues to have very good oral language skills and he is an excellent listener.  He continues to make steady progress with reading accuracy and reading comprehension.”

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